Jake and Elwood & Charter Boat Captain

Here is another profile in our continuing series of interviews with many of the best Supply Chain Executives in America… Mike Switzer offers up some fantastic insight….



Profile of Mr. Mike Switzer

VP, Supply Chain 

North Mississippi Health Services

  • What is your title? How long have you been at your current health system?  Vice President of Supply Chain, 9 years
  • What are your responsibilities?    Purchasing, Supply Processing & Distribution, Central Sterile Processing, Couriers, Print Shop, Surgery Material Management, Logistics, Contracting and Contract Services for a 6 hospitals, 4 nursing homes, a surgery center and 39 clinics.
  • Favorite movie you have seen during the last year?  New movie – Avengers: Age of Ultron; old movie – The Godfather
  • Apple or Android?  Favorite app you use the most often?  Apple 6, Weather Channel
  • Name a few of the primary objectives/initiatives you are working on?   Build a new Laundry that will be the first in the U.S. to meet the Hohenstein Institute standards and do hygienically clean laundry for healthcare.
  • What do you view as your best opportunity in the next 12-18 months?  Increased responsibility, over more areas system wide.
  • What is your most significant challenge(s)?  Getting people to realize that change is not only going to be a constant, but that it’s also going to continue to increase in speed. 
  • How do you describe your leadership style?  It is my job, to not only recognize what is coming, but to get my people the right tools and training to handle what is coming.  I am not there to do their job, but I will try to understand what it is that every one of my people does. 
  • What is the best book(s) you have read lately?  Change Is Your Competitive Advantage by Karl G. Schoemer, MS
  • Who do you consider your mentor(s)?  I would hate to start naming names for fear of leaving someone out, there have been so many people I have learned from.
  • What was your first job growing up?  What lessons did it teach you?  My very first job was mowing my Grandma’s yard, but my first job working for a company was cooking as a short order cook.  It quickly taught me the value of preparation and organization. 
  • Where is your favorite vacation spot?  Any ocean, where you get far enough away from land, you get to true “blue water”. 
  • What is your favorite hobby?  Music
  • What college or sports teams do you follow?  In college, the Ohio State Buckeyes football team, the only professional sports team I really follow is the Nashville Predators in the NHL. 
  • Any pets?  Two cats, Jake and Elwood 
  • What line of work would you pursue if you couldn’t work in your present one?  I would be torn between running a second-hand music store or a fishing charter boat. 
  • What part of your job would you gladly give up?  Nothing 
  • Favorite musical artist?   Depends on the genre, my tastes run anywhere from rock, to classical, to jazz, to Zydeco, to western swing.  Some of my favorites are Linkin Park, Pink Floyd, Trombone Shorty, The Palmetto Bug Stompers, Vintage Trouble, Zac Brown, The Avett Brothers, Mumford and Sons, Dwayne Dopsie and the Zydeco Hellraisers, The Lost Bayou Ramblers, Jerry Douglas, Weather Report and the list goes on and on, I have over 3,000 CD’s and over 8,000 songs on my iPod.
  • It is 10 A.M. on a Saturday. What are you most likely doing?  Either shooting at the gun range, or gardening.You can have four famous (dead or alive) people over to your home for dinner.  Who would you ask?  Leonardo Da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson, Frank Zappa and Nicola Tesla
  • In 20 words or less, why do you participate in the Council of Supply Chain Executives?    It’s a great place to exchange ideas and is agnostic to GPO, for-profit or not-for-profit.  It’s also a great way to give feedback on potential offerings for the future and ways we can help others in healthcare.


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