Profile of Lori Wilson- Loves some Adam Levine

My goal is to enhance awareness of the people, processes and technologies that comprise the Healthcare Supply Chain. This is a continuation of our series in profiling the members of the Council of Supply Chain Executives.

This is for Lori Wilson of Huntsville Hospital Health System.

HW: What is your name?
LW: Lori S. Wilson

HW: What is your title? How long have you been at your current health system?
LW: Director of Purchasing, entering year 7 so looking for the luck to start happening.

HW: What are your responsibilities?
LW: All Purchasing/Contract functions for a 12 hospital IDN in North Alabama including Surgery, Cath/EP Lab, Nursing, Food & Nutrition Services, and all other Departments that procure supplies.  Manage a team of 13 Buyer/Analysts, a Capital Equipment Buyer and Contracts Administrator.

HW: Favorite movie you have seen during the last year?
LW: We love to buy DVDs and watch them at home in our media room and since we work in a serious world I usually go for humor or action.  22 Jump Street, the Heat, and American Hustle

HW: Apple or Android? Favorite app you use the most often?
LW: Apple 5S and I need to upgrade to the 6 so I can see the screen.  App used most often probably My Fitness Pal. For traveling, I love Waze.

HW: Name a few of the primary objectives/initiatives you are working on?
LW: They are multiple, but we are trying to overcome growing pains and working to increase FTEs to support the System overall including a Clinical Resource Manager on staff.  We are also working to integrate one of our affiliate hospitals to Lawson later this year. This will be the first and an exciting change for all of us as everyone is on a different MMIS.

HW: What do you view as your best opportunity in the next 12-18 months?
LW: Lean up the organization and find savings through more standardization and utilization.  More collaboration and partnerships with other like Systems

HW: What is your most significant challenge(s)?
LW: Being our own worst enemy.  We have been very good at managing an enormous amount of growth to the breaking point. It’s convincing our leaders that investing in the right resources including strong, qualified people and more of them along with technology will enable us to move to the next level.  Supply Chain is more than med-surg contracting and we need to be more strategic in looking at the entire spend.

HW: How do you describe your leadership style?
LW: I think I lead the way I like to be led which is not to micromanage but also make the expectations clear.  To give everyone an opportunity to be successful and be their biggest cheerleader or coach.  It’s like your mom taught you, you get more with sugar than with salt and as I would hate to disappoint her for most people the same would apply.

HW: What is the best book(s) you have read lately?
LW: The Power of the Female Brain by Daniel Amen

HW: Who do you consider your mentor(s)?
LW: I have many and it depends on the lessons I’ve learned or journeys I’ve been on.  My boss from the hotel business days and my former Director and best friend. Both of them walk the talk but with different leadership styles yet their messages are consistent.  They have incredible work ethics and have inspired me to push myself and be better.

HW: What was your first job growing up? What lessons did it teach you?
LW: Besides some neighborhood babysitting jobs which I didn’t like having two little brothers at home to take care of.  I worked in the fast food business in Utah all through High School that specialized in seafood.  It taught me a lot about hard work, team work, production of food, presentation, customer service, the ability to earn my own money, and that I didn’t want to do this work past high school!

HW: Where is your favorite vacation spot?
LW: Anywhere near water…I love the ocean as it seems to be the only place that almost immediately relaxes my type A wound up personality.

HW: What is your favorite hobby?
LW: What’s a hobby?  I need to get one of those soon.  I used to love to entertain with my family and friends so I’d like to get back into that.  I also love to travel and love music… especially live.

HW: What college or sports teams do you follow?
LW: SEC football and have been a huge Alabama fan since before I moved here.  My son wants to go to college at Auburn next year so I see some orange in my future.

HW: Any pets?
LW: My Chihuahuas; Chico and Zoe

HW: What line of work would you pursue if you couldn’t work in your present one?
LW: Running my own business of some kind… Used to want to run a bed and breakfast hotel.

HW: What part of your job would you gladly give up?
LW: All of it!  Seriously, I Iove what I do and the difference we make to patients and the organization… the politics and babysitting you can have 😉

HW: Favorite musical artist?
LW: I don’t really have “a” favorite.  Currently, it would be Sam Smith, John Legend, Ed Sheeran, Adam Levine, Grace Potter, Blake Shelton, Nate Ruess. I like lots of different music from different genres and generations depends on the mood.

HW: It is 10 A.M. on a Saturday. What are you most likely doing?
LW: I just got back from walking the Greenway and probably at work or even better playing with my granddaughter.

HW: You can have four famous (dead or alive) people over to your home for dinner. Who would you ask?
LW: Jim Carey, Amy Newman, my brother Kenny, and Adam Levine.  I need to laugh and be entertained!

HW: In 20 words or less, why do you participate in the Council of Supply Chain Executives?
LW: It’s a great quality event with an engaged leader, thank you Hays, and board members.  It has just the right amount of participants so you have a better opportunity to network and get to know your peers.  I enjoy the format in the exchanges as we actually learn new things such as emerging technologies and accomplish much of what is on the table.  It also doesn’t demand too much of your precious time but provides the same opportunities and challenges as some of the others.
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